Find the necessary forms for applying or renting a home, including an easy way to get your notice if there are repairs needed. You’ll also find helpful guides on how rent-a properties work and what rights tenants have under law when it comes time to end their lease!

Lodging Repairs & Urgent Repairs. 

Have a quick fix that needs solving?
Don’t worry, we’re here for you! Simply click on the “request call back” popup window and list your name or property address so one of our representatives can reach out within two hours. This service is available seven days per week which means there’s nothing holding up progress – not even time itself. 

We require a written request and photos of the repair via email. To start, please submit this via email to 
Or leave your details via the ‘request a call back’ if you need to speak to someone urgently. 


Notice of general repairs. 

Notice of repairs