The Benefits of a Property Manager

Having a high-quality property manager can be the difference between having a smooth, easy property-owning experience and suffering through stress, grief and headaches. We’re not exaggerating – many landlords can attest to having negative experiences when leasing property. Many of these issues come down to miscommunication, poor strategy, and inexperience on the property manager’s part. This is why at Property Managers Footscray, we provide only the highest calibre of property management. With our experience and expertise, we understand the details of what is required to source good tenants, manage the property, resolve disputes and provide maintenance.  


Avoiding bad tenancy

Through our experience in property management, we’ve seen it all. With hundreds of applications and real-life experiences with tenants, a good property manager knows exactly how to weed out the bad quality tenants. The last thing a landlord wants to deal with is a tenant that doesn’t pay their rent on time (or forgoes it completely) and keeps the home in negligent condition. When using our services, we ensure each applicant goes through a screening process with extensive reference and background checking, which includes their previous rental history. With a full picture of their background, character and eligibility, the property manager will compare all applications to pick out the best choices and provide advice to the landlord on which tenants they believe will provide a high-quality experience.

In the rare case of a bad tenant, the property manager will understand how best to resolve the situation for the landlord. The contract will be reviewed and if the tenant has broken terms within the contract, the property manager will take action on the landlord’s behalf.


Finding quality tenants

We’ve established the damages a bad tenant can inflict on the value of your home and your mental state, and the actions a property manager can take to resolve said issues.

Putting this aside, the best way to resolve the issue of a bad tenancy is to not have one in the first place. It may be easier said than done, so this is where the property manager comes in. As a landlord, it might be difficult to understand and distinguish the difference between a high- and low-quality tenant if you don’t have the level of expertise and knowledge that it takes to make the distinction. Some pillars of a good tenant include exceptional rent paying history, positive feedback on the cleanliness and condition of past homes, no issues regarding character and disputes and a clean history. At Property Managers Footscray, our intensive screening process is able to ascertain any areas of concern with a particular applicant and the positive attributes of applicants. At the end of the day, the landlord makes the final decision, but our advice and application screening will help you to make an informed decision that will benefit you in the long run.

When the best possible tenant has been found for the property, it is important to make sure the tenant also feels safe, positive and understood. As a landlord, it can be hard to navigate being on top of all that is needed for the property when dealing with everyday life. This is where the property manager comes in. At Property Managers Footscray, it is our sole purpose to look after your property and ensure it is kept in the best condition, and that includes bridging the communication from landlord to tenant. Any issues that can be resolved solely by the property manager will be reconciled without providing stress to the landlord.


Managing the property for you

Managing the property: it’s in the name, however the number of tasks a property manager undertakes for your lease often flies under the radar. Along with collecting rent and campaigning your lease on the market, the property manager also handles maintenance and damages, pays the bills and liaises with the tenant to communicate important information over to the landlord.

Property Managers Footscray conducts frequent inspections of the property to get a visual idea of how the place is faring. We provide a detailed video of the inspection, walking through every room with all walls, floors and ceilings on display to report back to the landlord. If any damages are identified, the property manager will take immediate action.

Handling the repair of any damages can be overwhelming for any landlord, especially since it may come out of their pocket. Finding the right trades who will provide a genuine quote and deliver positive outcomes is difficult for a landlord who may not be as experienced in repairing damages as a property manager. Since this is a common occurrence when handling a lease, property managers know exactly what to do and how to find and contact a genuine tradesman.


Dispute Resolution

Dealing with legal issues is one of the single most stressful things a landlord could experience. This is why that initial tenancy screening and application is so important – it ensures that a quality tenant will be found, lowering your chances of getting into a legal dispute. Granted, some situations cannot be avoided, and this is where having a property manager on your side is crucial. Property Managers Footscray possesses the extensive legal understanding needed to ensure the landlord does not find themselves in a lawsuit, dispute or any other legal matters.