Guide for Tenants

Property Managers Footscray aims to create a simple and easy tenancy agreement while keeping you, the tenant, informed. Our guide will explain the ins and outs of your tenancy with us to better acquaint yourself with your new lease.

Office hours

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm. You may contact your property managers within these office hours by email or phone.

An emergency number will be provided to you if you require our services outside of these business hours, should you need to contact our maintenance contractors.


The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority ensures there is security against any unfortunate situations like damage inflicted on the property that cannot be adequately justified. This bond is paid prior to lease.

Prior to lease, a condition inspection report will be conducted to assess the state of the home. You are also welcome to assess the property yourself and notify us of any issues you find to protect yourself against false damage claims.

Once your tenancy is complete, we will hold another condition inspection to compare the property against the state it was in before tenancy. Once this inspection has been conducted, the full bond will be returned to you provided the home is in good condition without any new damages that would be cause for concern, as well as all due payments being completed.

Rent payment

There are a few methods of rent payment. You may request the rent payment to be deducted from your bank account automatically to ensure payments are always made. You may instead wish to make payments via direct bank transfer or B-Pay.

Your rent is due monthly, and it must be paid one month in advance. In the case that you are unable to make payments, please contact us immediately.


You will be given one set of keys to the property upon the lease. A duplicate set of keys will be kept by us in the case that we need to access the property. You may borrow this second key if required, however you may only access it within business hours.

If you wish to change the locks, you must obtain consent from the landlord. Once you have arranged for the new keys, you must provide Property Managers Footscray with a duplicate set of keys within 24 hours.  


We will inspect the property at the 3 and 6 month periods of tenancy to review the condition of the home and how it is being maintained. You will be notified of these inspections and given ample time prior to inspection.


At the beginning of a new tenancy, as the tenant you must notify the utility companies to have the accounts placed in your name. You must also organise a meter reading upon moving in and vacating. We are able to assist you with any information and help you may require.


While the landlord may insure the property, this does not cover your personal belongings. Property Managers Footscray strongly recommends insuring your possessions against loss, damages, or theft. Any damages conducted against your personal possessions during tenancy are not the personal responsibility of the landlord.

Maintenance and repairs

Any required maintenance and repairs can be notified to the property manager via the form in out Online Manager Service Tool. It is important you complete these forms as soon as possible so we can notify the landlord and wait for their approval, as well as any quotes that need to be obtained.

We will find a time that works for you for tradespeople to come and assess damages and repairs. In the case that you are not home during the agreed upon time, the call out fee will be charged to you.

Online Agent

At Property Managers Footscray, we use a comprehensive online service tool to keep you posted on all information regarding your tenancy. In this tool, you can access information such as statements, maintenance works and upcoming inspections.

You will be granted a personal verification code by us to access the tool.

Your responsibilities for maintenance

The general maintenance of the home is your responsibility. This includes the upkeep of the garden and surroundings of the property such as mowing the lawn and keeping the premises clean of any rubbish.

Terminating the tenancy agreement

When beginning a new lease, you will sign The Residential Tenancy Agreement, which is a legally binding contract that protects both you and the landlord. These are the ways termination of your tenancy can occur:

  • If you endeavour to leave once your lease ends, you must provide 28 days of written notice to the landlord
  • If you have made agreement to continue living on the premises after the end of lease, you are required to provide 28 days of written notice
  • If you need to vacate the property before the end of lease, you must notify the property manager as soon as possible. In this case, we will try to find another tenant for the duration of your lease. Until this tenant is found, you will be responsible for all payments including rent, advertising costs, letting fee, agreement preparation fee and any costs that may incur

Getting the bond back

Your bond will be returned to you upon the end of lease once it is clear that the property has been maintained and all requirements have been met.

Internal cleaning: carpets should be commercially cleaned, windows cleaned, kitchen, bathrooms and walls need to be cleaned.

External cleaning: gardens must be kept neat with no rubbish lying around.

Arrears: You should not have any outstanding payments owing

Damages: Any damages that have been caused to the property will need to be repaired by a reliable tradesman. If damages are not repaired, an application may need to be made to the Tenancy Tribunal for any repairs.

Inspection: Post tenancy, an inspection will be conducted to see if the property has been kept to a satisfactory standard. Once the status of the home has been confirmed, the property manager will apply for your bond refund.