Inspections: What to expect


It’s been a few months into the lease: the tenant has settled into the home and the landlord feels comforted that the search is over and a paying tenant has been found. With hope, the tenancy process has gone smoothly without any issues arising for either party. It’s at this point that the property manager will conduct an inspection of the property to see the condition of the home.

For the landlord

The routine inspections conducted by Property Managers Footscray are a great indication as to the quality of the tenant. It is at these inspections where you, as the landlord, will see if the right decision has truly been made in regard to the tenancy. It is important for your home to be kept in a good state by the tenant to ensure your asset is being looked after. You surely don’t want to discover any damages or repairs required to the home, especially if they could de-value your property. It is with this understanding that Property Managers Footscray inspects your property with a keen eye in search of the green or red flags in your home.

How are these inspections conducted?

Property Managers Footscray will notify the landlord about the upcoming routine inspection they are planning to conduct. If there are any queries or concerns, it is important for the property manager to know this in the lead up to viewing the home to make sure they take it into consideration or find resolution. The property manager will inspect the home, taking a full detailed video of each room including floors, ceiling and walls and each corner of the room so as not to miss anything. This video will be analysed by Property Managers Footscray to understand the condition of the home and it will also be sent to the landlord for their clarification.

For the tenant

It is an exciting feeling to have moved into a new place and made it your own. With the help of Property Managers Footscray, you would have begun your lease informed and welcomed, with good communication. After an extensive screening process, the property manager and landlord feel confident you’ll be the right tenant for them. The routine inspections by Property Managers Footscray are there to ensure the home is in good condition with your care.

What to expect with routine inspections

Property Managers Footscray is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of communication. That’s why we give ample amount of notification before our planned routine inspection. This time prepares you for the inspection and ensures you’ll be able to work it around your calendar.

Our landlord and property managers hope to see a well looked after home, so it might be helpful to give the home a once-over prior to their arrival to make a good impression. Our property manager will be able to see as much of the floors and surfaces as possible and can get a better idea on the condition of the place.