You may be considering a service that will manage your property for you, and we want to make sure it’s the right choice. Let us help by explaining what makes an independent company.

Specialised property manager companies that don’t have a real estate sales department can offer more personalized service with a deeper attention to details.


Real Estate Agencies have multiple avenues of business – Property Managers Footscray has only one. 

A real estate agency deals in a myriad of property businesses – their main one being selling homes. Selling homes, in their field of work, is the biggest money maker. Much of their focus tends to stick with the buyers and sellers.


Taking on numerous tasks such as selling property, leasing property and managing property means much of their devotion can be spread thin. This is where we stand out from the crowd.


At Property Managers Footscray, our sole line of business is in managing property. Our focus remains on your property, from the rental appraisal to the advertisement campaign and finally the lease itself.


We diligently focus on you: the landlord and ensure you receive the highest quality of service you require.

A small, highly experienced team means the best service possible


It’s unfortunate, but it’s common: a large real estate agency has the potential to shift property managers around or have employee turnover rates. This could be due to many reasons, but none of them are beneficial to the landlord.


When utilising the services of a property manager, it’s important for the landlord to gain trust and understanding with them. After all, the management of one of their most important assets is in the property manager’s hands.


Having a walk in-walk out experience with property managers can be stressful, and without having understanding or knowledge of the property’s tenancy or lease history, mistakes can be made.


Property Managers Footscray is local, small and dedicated. Our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in property management and are willing to go all the way to ensure the landlord’s experience is positive.


Choosing us means choosing a dependable service you can rely on. Property Managers Footscray gives you back the autonomy you need to build trust in your property manager.

We only choose the highest calibre of Property Management


Because of our sole dedication to property management, Property Managers Footscray is not willing to cut corners on choosing the best property manager for the job. Our business relies solely on providing outstanding management, unlike large real estate agencies that don’t have the high stakes riding on them.


Since many large agencies have property sales to fall back on, property management can usually take a back seat. Not at Property Managers Footscray, however.


We understand the gap in the market for high quality management that is beneficial to both landlord and tenant, which is why we want to bridge that gap and become an exception. We want only to provide the best management, which is why our property managers are highly experienced, qualified and committed to making a difference in property management.


Leasing a property – we all know how most people do it. You find a local real estate agency and let them take over the lease for you. They’ll assign you a property manager and you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect tenant.


Except, for many people, problems can arise from issues within the agency itself, and communication between the tenant, landlord and property manager is unclear. This is why Property Managers Footscray aims to bridge the gap and provide high quality property management to both tenant and landlord.